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Fit our business and our culture

Fit our business and our culture

Duane Hughes - GE Hughes Construction

"ECAAS and their auditors have facilitated the certification process of our systems to fit our business model and culture without complication."

ECAAS was Fantastic!

John Pearson - JP Generators

"ECAAS was fantastic! The office administration was pleased to hear from me. I found them friendly, organised and responsive. They could understand my personal position and that I wanted to structurally develop my business to attract more lucrative clients.

Their “can do” attitude made me feel supported in an environment I wasn’t familiar with.

When I was audited the process was challenging though the ECAAS support and encouragement in thinking in a new way has given me a lifetime of confidence in dealing with my stakeholders at a ISO 9001 standard.

I show my ECAAS ISO 9001 certification with pride nowadays."

Inspired to continually improve

Inspired to continually improve

Rachel Webber - Air Comfort Services

"We have been challenged and inspired to continually improve our systems with a thorough, yet collaborative approach being used, which has resulted in excellent quality, safety and environmental outcomes being achieved in our business."

Seamless and pain-free

David Harvey - Apex Communication Technologies

"We transitioned to ECAAS initially as a cost saving measure but we have been very impressed with the whole experience.
The transition was seamless and pain free. Our recertification audit and ongoing support has been a breath of fresh air!
It is great to work with auditors who are adding value, not only by reducing auditing costs but also with their insights into business improvements."

A significant asset for our business

John Higgins - Vibrotech Aviation

"Our experience with ECAAS has been an entirely positive one, beginning with our initial certification, and through to subsequent visits. Far from being a desk exercise, the staff of ECAAS have quickly gained an understanding of our business operations and have made many valuable suggestions leading to positive improvements. At all times their personnel have remained professional, and through their efforts we see ISO certification as a significant asset for our business".

Highly recommend the investment

Richard Busulwa - Codium

"Certification seemed like a daunting process given the complexity of our operational processes. ECAAS worked around our schedules and our organisation structure and led us hand in hand through the process. Our processes have now been stress tested for a consistent quality experience and for ongoing improvements in this experience. Would highly recommend the investment in them."

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