Integrated Quality, Environment & Safety Management System Certification IQES:2012

What is IQES:2012?

IQES:2012 is an unique Australian integrated Management System standard that effectively combines requirements for Quality, Environmental and Safety management systems. IQES:2012 has been specifically designed to assist small and medium sized businesses to establish, implement and maintain an Integrated Quality, Environmental & Safety Management System.
For organisations that do not want or need to implement all of its components, its modular structure allows its modules to be implemented independently in any possible combination as well. This approach and set up makes it unique in its kind and offers a credible, integrated Management System Certification option to small and medium sized enterprises in particular.

IQES:2012 is very suitable for use by organisations that want to implement an integrated Management System but do not have the need (or resources) for ISO9001 + ISO14001+ AS/NZS4801-certification.

Due to its structure being aligned with the international ISO-standards, an IQES:2012-certified Management System can be made to comply with the requirements of the international standards relatively easily, making it possible to upgrade IQES:2012-certification to ISO9001-, ISO14001- and AS/NZS4801-OHSAS18001-certification within a very short timeframe and at significantly reduced costs.

ECAAS Certification is currently the only recognised Certification Body in Australia authorised to provide Certification to the IQES:2012-standard.

Benefits of IQES:2012 Certification

IQES:2012 Certification is a cost effective and time efficient certification solution for businesses that wish to demonstrate and improve their quality, environmental and safety practices and performance, control and reduce their risks and liabilities and show their customers, employees, regulators and other interested parties that they can have confidence in the organisation’s ability to meet their requirements and expectations.

IQES:2012 certification can assist your organisation to:

  • Meet customer requirements related to Quality, Environment and Safety
  • Reduce overall operating costs by improving efficiency
  • Improve risk management strategies
  • Reduce legal, financial and reputation related liabilities
  • Reduce costs associated with poor quality, environmental pollution or waste and injuries


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